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Enter to a world of Gods and Myths through your senses in our new lounge bar-restaurant Amvrosia


In Greek mythology Amvrosia was the food of Gods that ensured them immortality, eternal youth and happiness. It was Tantalos, a wicked king and son of Zeus, who stole it from the Gods and gave it to the humans. He was then punished by being banished to in Hades for his misdeed.


In Amvrosia, our newness area you will find a place of traditional Mykonian architecture and uniqueness character to start or finish your day.


In a combination of colorful and exceptionally tasteful dishes from authentic Greek and the wider Mediterranean cuisine our talented Chef is giving you an unforgettable memory of high quality and originality.


From early in the morning relax next to the pool and enjoy the view of the famous Mykonos town and Aegean Sea till late in the evening with the unforgettable sunset accompanied with a variety of light snacks, special dishes and unique cocktails served by our experienced staff.


Give to your life, with Amvrosia, a moment to remember!